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Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Brief History of the Corporation

The Corporation of Squaremen was originally an Operative Lodge held in Ayr and formed one of the number which constituted the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Minutes were kept but the Minute-Book was lost when lent to Murray Lyon. The Banner used by the Corporation is still preserved by an Ayrshire Freemason and there are other relics in existence.

The organization did not admit any but Mark Masons who hold or have held office in a Craft Lodge or who are Royal Arch Companions. Candidates must have been Master Masons for at least five years and must be thirty years of age or over.

Meetings were held in Edinburgh (Mither Shed) on the first day of each of the five winter months November to April and at the January meeting second Saturday office bearers are elected. The joining fee was 60 Scottish Merks (£3/5/0 or about $15.75) which includes the Diploma and Apron. There is an obligation, assaye (test) piece, signs and secrets, working tools, tracing board and lectures, all different from those of the usual Craft Masonry. All, however, tend to throw light upon the ancient procedure for admission to an operative or working shed.

At present the Order is in a flourishing condition but for some years it was dormant. It was revived by Brothers Philip and William Murray in 1903, who communicated the working and secrets to Brother Alfred A Murray. Not one of the Murrays is related to either of the others.

The above particulars are in letters from Brother David Lowe Turnbull, Portobello, Scotland, and from the Scottish Masonic Historical Directory, 1924.