Wokingham Shed No. 11
Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Ye Corporation O'Squaremen

Wokingham Shed No. 11 meets at the Civil Service Club, 

13-15 Great Scotland Yard, Westminster, London SW1A 2HJ 

on the 3rd Saturdays of February and April 

and the 2nd Saturdays of September and December at 11:00am 

preceeded by the Deacons Court at 10:30am. 

Qualification for membership is a 

Mark Master Mason in good standing.

Current Billet



Dear Sir and Brither,

Oor neist Reg’lar Meetin’ sal be hudden within the Civil Service Club 13-15 Great Scotland Yard, London SW1A 2HJ at 11.00am, Deacon’s Court at 10:30am, 

0n the 15th O’ February 2020.

1, Open the meetin by Rappin the Shed. PROMPT.

2, Welcome awe ane tae the meetin including veesitors fae faur and wide.

3, Apologies fae the craturs wha canny come the nicht.

4, Peety any-ane wha is deed frae the last time.

5, Read the meenits frae the last meetin.

6, Sort oot ony business and beggin letters that arrived tae the Boxmaister.

7, Welcome oor candidates inty the shed, try them weel and let them jine us if suitable.

8. Witness the Installation Ceremony.

8, Listen tae ony ither moans fae the Intelligencia that they pass off as business.

9, Thank awe ane that deserves it and kid the wans oan that dinny that they did.

10, Close the meetin by Rappin the Shed if awebody’s happy.

Then wull’ retire tae the baur an’ fill wur faces wae pies, beans and beer and gang hame happy.

As this is a wurkin meetin, be shair tae bring yer Brat and yer Pipe. Mind and waur yer tie wae the stripe the richt way up. Bring plenty o’ loose siller, and plenty mair tae spend at the bar.

Dinna furget Brithers, we need suggestions fur worthy recipients a’ oor beneficence.

Yours Aye Fair an’ Square

Steven J. Turner